Can Red Wine Provide Health Benefits For You?

One of the biggest causes of illness and death in North America and Europe is heart disease.  This robs thousands of people of their health every year, and so far medical science has progressed only to a point in preventing or treating it.  Although many theories have been advanced to try to minimize or avoid heart disease, it has been found that red wine does have some positive benefits as regards the health of your heart (as well as other health pluses). Red wine is part of many pork chop recipes alway go well together with dead pigs.

Resveratrol And Your Heart
Resveratrol is a substance produced by some plants, among them the grape.  This substance is what is called a phytoalexin, and it is this that has been shown to have the ability to prevent heart disease.  Phytoalexins are antibiotics that respond the injury or invasion of the plant by fungi or bacteria, and now they seem to have the same benefits for human beings, especially as regards cardiovascular disease.
Blood clots are often the cause of heart attacks, and resveratrol helps to prevent their formation, keeping the blood a bit thinner and allowing it to circulate more easily.  Another cause of heart attacks, high blood cholesterol, also seems to be corrected to some extent by the resveratrol in red wine. 

Aging And Alzheimer’s
No one likes to contemplate not only getting older, but also developing Alzheimer’s disease, and red wine could hold out hope to prevent or at least delay the onset of these conditions.  Part of the reason that we age is because our bodies simply lose the ability to refresh themselves as they did when we were younger.  Free radicals, formed simply from metabolic functions, damage cells, which then damage other cells, and so on.  The end result is that fewer and fewer cells in our bodies are capable of performing their normal functions, contributing to the aging process.
Likewise, it is thought now that Alzheimer’s begins when our brains begin to make gooey proteins that literally clog up our thinking processes.  There has been some hope for those who fear this condition in the use of red wine.  Once again, it seems to be the resveratrol that works to keep these proteins from forming in the first place.  It has been found that the resveratrol in red wine also increases blood flow to the brain, keeping it better nourished and delivering more antioxidants as well.

Red Wine And Cancer
If you are concerned about developing cancer, you may be able to avoid this disease by enjoying a glass of red wine daily.  While preliminary research showed that the resveratrol in red wine worked well at preventing cancer of the colon, it seems now that it can help to prevent a wide number of cancers, helping all of us to live healthier, longer, and more comfortable lives.  
Red wine has been shown to be quite effective at reducing the numbers of cancerous cell in someone suffering from breast cancer.  The reason for this seems to be that resveratrol puts a stop to the production of the hormones that stimulate the growth of tumors in the breast.  
Besides interfering with hormone production, resveratrol also has the ability to cut off the blood supply to cancerous cells, which causes them starve to death.  Besides depriving cancerous cells of their food supply, resveratrol seems to simply home in on these cells and kill them off.  It has been found that those patients who have a glass of red wine while undergoing therapy generally have a much better survival rate than those who do not.

Moderation Is The Key
Although there seems to be some pretty solid evidence of the many health benefit of red wine, there is no reason to overindulge.  A glass or two a day is enough to help keep you healthy.  Drinking too much of any alcoholic beverage carries with it a number of health problems every bit as bad as those you are trying to prevent.